Sara Lidman - A Century of Enduring Influence

This year, we celebrate one of Sweden's most influential authors, Sara Lidman, who would have turned 100 years old if she were still alive. Sara Lidman was an unwavering opinion influencer who did not back down in the face of opposition. She had the ability to see people and wanted to give everyone a voice, especially the vulnerable or marginalized. This love for humanity can also be seen in her novels, which provide readers with a unique glimpse into Swedish history and the challenges encountered by every community in the outskirts, regardless of their location in the world.


This anniversary year will be filled with a variety of activities and events that honor Sara Lidman's memory and work. In Missenträsk, Sara Lidman's hometown, there is an exhibition called "Sara in the Village – the Village in the World," and at Sara Cultural Center, a building named after Sara Lidman, numerous activities will take place throughout the year. Welcome to celebrate Sara Lidman's 100-year anniversary in Skellefteå!


Sara in the village

Sara Lidman was an honored author and a strong molder of public opinion who did not give up in the face of opposition. She had the ability to see people and wanted to give a voice to all, especially the vulnerable or marginalized. Read about Sara, watch Sara, listen to Sara. Enter her world. Sit down for a while with a cup of coffee and read articles, speeches and books by Sara. Let yourself be captivated by her fantastic language and lifelong commitment. 

Sara Kulturhus

The author Sara Lidman has given her name to Skellefteå's new cultural center. And just like Sara, Northern Sweden's new landmark should breathe creativity, courage and the will to think anew. Welcome to Skellefteå's new living room, today, tomorrow or the next 100 years.

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