Discover your next adventure

Skellefteå has a long history, dating back thousands of years. A history like that leaves traces behind. Sites, stories, traditions. And living in the northern parts of Europe, Scandinavia, well even in the northern parts of Sweden creates a certain lifestyle. We welcome you to discover it.

Historic attractions

There are plenty of attractions to discover in our part of the world. Both old sites where you can see the traces of the people who lived before us, but also sites where you can feel the essence of what it's like to live in Swedish Lapland.


Go on a roadtrip and discover hidden gems along the way. Historic landmarks and buildings lines our roads, and invites you to stop for a second and think of all those people who lived here before us. Did they enjoy the same view or has the landmarks changed? Step into cafés and other establishments that has found their place in old buildings, maybe an dold mill or storage unit that has found new purposes today. 


Explore the nature and go on an adventure outdoors. Follow hiking trails to locations you can only reach by foot and stop for a minute and just breath. Take in what you see and the beauty of it. Or grab a mountain bike for a speedier adventure, and bike along bike trails. Feel the wind in your face and see the blurry surroundings swish by.