Stories & guides for the nature lovers

There are tons of experiences to be made right here in Skellefteå, especially for those of you who love nature. We can offer you hiking trails, Mountain Bike trails, mushroom picking, the ice skater, the snow mobile lover.. you can name any nature activity and we can almost guarantee you that it can be done in our town.

Experience nature

There's plenty to see for the nature lovers out there who wants to experience Swedish Lapland. Our forrests here in the north are old, and can tell stories if you listen closely. Hike along trails leading you further into the deep green world, and see what adventure the woods will show you. Maybe you'll stumble upon an old, forgotten house. Stand on your tippy toes to peak into the window and catch a glimpse of a life once lived. There are more than one abandoned house in Sweden, so you have a good chance of finding a small red house ready to fall down. Further down the path is an opening between the trees and you can se a sparkle. It's one of our many lakes, or maybe the ocean. The ocean, yes. Our part of Scandinavia lies along the coast and there are plenty of cozy spots on the beaches to find for that afternoon cup of coffee.