Treat yourself to a luxury vacation

If you like to live life to the fullest, to eat the food with the most flavor, to spend your time with the ones you love the most and find those hidden gems in the places you visit? Then this is the place for you. Skellefteå is full of that extra little something, that spark that is hard to define. We want to show them to you, and to give you a hint of what you can experience when you visit our town. 

Make the most of your stay

You want to feel good when you're on vacation, so why not treat yourself! Make the most of your stay and experience the luxurious side of Skellefteå. Explore the best and the finest hotels, restaurants and experiences we have to offer. 


Eat out and enjoy our fine dining where the food is made with locally sourced ingredients, prepared with care and put together with love. Your tastebuds will sing when you taste the delicious masterpieces that our restaurants call food. And you will be pampered, taken care of and looked after by their excellent staff, whose only wish is to give you the greatest service. Not to mention the views. Many of our high end restaurants also offer spectacular views over rivers and nature. 


Treat yourself to a spa weekend, get a massage or a facial. There ar many studios and salons in Skellefteå who can take good care of you. You have never feel as relaxed as you will feel after a visit to one of our salons. Read more about them here. We also have plenty of hair salons where you can get a new haircut, add some color to both hair and nails and get rid of unwanted hair. 


Treat yourself to the weekend getaway of your dreams.