Treat yourself in Skellefteå

If you like to live life to the fullest, to eat the food with the most flavor, to spend your time with the ones you love the most and find those hidden gems in the places you visit? Then this is the place for you. Skellefteå is full of that extra little something, that spark that is hard to define. We want to show them to you, and to give you a hint of what you can experience when you visit our town. 


Make the most of your stay

When you're on a vacation you want to feel good, so why not treat yourself to something special. Enjoy spectacular views over forests stretching several miles into the wilderness, or ponder life by the open sea. Feel the calm that can only be reached by a visit to a spa after a long massage and manicure.


Plan a weekend getaway and stay in a private cabin in the woods, or in a high end hotel, or why not a cabin on a raft in a lake? Your getaway can be (almost) anything you like it to be. Add a visit or two to a fine dinning restaurant, or cozy restaurant, or a place that combines the two.


Treat yourself to the weekend getaway of your dreams.