Vitberget in Skellefteå

You'll find Vitberget just 2 short kilometres from the city center. A dedicated area for those of us who love nature and wants to experience it. Skiing, snowboarding, berry picking, hiking, electric light trails and much more is available. Vitberget offers plenty to do, no matter what time of the year it is. 

The slopes of Vitberget

Enjoy the slopes of Vitberget on either skies or snowboard, and do so with a gorgeous view of Skellefteå. There are both ski and snowboard schools for the younger ones, as well as a slope for the kids with a treadmill for an easy climb. The kids slope is situated next to the main slope, and the children can practice going down safely. When it's time for a break there are several options for food. You can warm up in the heating cabin at the foot of the slope, buy food in the kiosk or heat up your lunch box.

Ski trails at Vitberget

If cross-country skiing is your go-to winter activity, there are many options on Vitberget. During winter, one of Sweden's most complete and cost-efficient nordic skiing systems provides a wide range of short and long routes. The season is extended with the help of the artificial snow tracks that are available, and if you want to challenge yourself, you can go on a track where you choose whether you want to go 7 or 10 kilometers. There are tracks both with and without lighting, so adjust your ride according to the time of day or ride with a headlamp. If you train at the ski stadium, there is a shower, toilet and changing room available at Skellefteå Ski Club, and there you can also wallow your skis.

The summer season at Vitberget

Vitberget offers great opportunities for outdoor life with many nice hiking trails, paths, windbreaks, and fireplaces. Cycling, running, orienteering and above all - discovering! Discover the forest and all the small winding paths, discover all the ski tracks that have now become perfect running tracks and discover the love for the forest and our Swedish nature.

Play and learn in the woods

Just by the start of the 3 km track, close to the parking lot, there are two obstacle courses that suit the whole family. The larger obstacle course is about 300 m long with ten different obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty. The course is most suitable for adults and young people from 12 years and up. Just nearby there's a children's obstacle course suitable for those under 12 years. There are also nature paths full of information in swedish and english for the the discoverer, where you and your children can learn all about our plants and animals. You can also learn what to do if you get lost. A perfect forrest adventure for the family!