Meeting facilities in Skellefteå

Cecilia Frank
Cecilia Frank
In Skellefteå, there are conference facilities and arenas suitable for both larger congresses and smaller meetings and conferences. There are also good opportunities to confer in unique and scenic environments. The genuine hospitality and proximity to nature are what characterise Skellefteå as a place for successful meetings.
Skellefteå can accommodate up to 600 people in theatre style sitting. We have many accommodation options including a total of 599 hotel rooms in central Skellefteå. It is also possible for anyone to choose between hostels in classic country houses, bed & breakfast or nice camping cabins. In addition, from 2021 we will have 205 new hotel rooms in the upcoming Sara Kulturhus cultural centre.
Below is an overview of Skellefteå's capacity for meeting rooms and accommodation.
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