Welcome to Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå

In 2021, the gates will open to what is expected to be the world's tallest wooden building and northern Sweden's new landmark. A unique and dynamic meeting point combining culture and entertainment with meetings, in direct connection with a new premium hotel, culinary experiences, spa and different scenes for events. Sara Kulturhus will be known for its hospitality, its activities and its willingness to think new. It should be a cultural centre that dares, just like Sara once did!

Sara Kulturhus will be a transformative building counting 20 floors where open spaces inspire meetings between people. Here you are offered a unique meeting place in modern premises that exudes creativity and innovation. Social and cultural activities with a clear connection to the cultural centre are offered as a natural part of the meeting. The day can end with a relaxing break in the premium hotel's spa, dinner in the restaurant with a panoramic view of Skellefteå and first-class accommodation.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Have a sneak peek.
Further down you will find facts about both the cultural centre and the hotel.


Book Sara Kulturhus from 2021 for concerts, exhibitions, performances, events and large congresses. It offers rooms from 100-1200 seated guests, or 1500 standing. Or how about a banquet for 1200 seated guests? Here are great opportunities to offer something out of the ordinary.

Interested in arranging in Sara Kulturhus? Contact:
Maria Ekberg Brännström | kulturhus@skelleftea.se | Tel +46 (0)708448863

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This is how the process went
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