Corona safe options for shopping in Skellefteå

It has never been more important to support the local business community than it is now. Support Skellefteå, shop locally and safe. Your choice makes you one of our many local heroes. Together we drive Skellefteå forward, and together we help Skellefteå's traders through this crisis.


Akademibokhandeln Skellefteå

Our customer can continue to shop in an easy and safe way! Contact us at 010-744 11 20 or to place your order. You can also reserve your order at You pay for the order via swish and pick them up outside our store entrance. Contact us by phone or e-mail if you wish to pick up the order outside our store or if you need home delivery of your reservation. The store is open as usual. You who are healthy are of course warmly welcome to shop with us as usual in the store!

Anteak Skellefteå

We offer free home delivery of furniture within Skellefteå. You can also book your own time in the store, and also shop via our Instagram. You pay via Swish, we pack your things and you can pick them up outside the store.

More info Anteak Instagram.


You can order, pay via klarna and then choose "pick up in store" at our web shop, We'll send an SMS when your order is available to pick up.

Call the store if you want to pick up at our garage door and avoid queues in the store and at drop-off points.

If time permits, we will offer home delivery to risk groups.

You can pay with Swish in the store or from the parking lot.

We will extend opening hours show days to avoid customer density. Tel. 0910-19561

Bik Bok 

Feel free to go to Bik Bok:s website and choose to reserve in Skellefteå store. You can pick up the article in the store and support our local store.

If you do not want to come inside the store, call us and we will find a solution. tel. 010-206 32 10.

Body Shop

With us, you can shop both easily and safely.
Contact us at 0910-38612 or

The order can be paid via swish or cash and picked up outside the store. Home delivery by appointment.

Together we find the best solution. Thank you very much for shopping locally and warmly welcome to hear from you.

Clas Ohlson

We deliver your order outside the store. Click & Collect via - select "pick up in-store". Payment is made via the website.

CK offers delivery

Each store takes your order, and you make payment with them.
See which stores you can order from and how to do it at
Citykompaniet delivers your goods within 1-3 working days after your order. Applies to all deliveries within Skellefteå municipality.
Transportation is free of charge.
We do not pick up returns. Contact the current store directly and you can find a solution together.

Thank you for shopping locally!


Book your own time in the store and be the only customer in the entire store.

You can pay with Swish and pick up the goods outside the store.

Call us on tel. 0910-701030 and we will find a suitable solution for you.

Fritz Olsson

We now always carry a visor in a store. Customers can pay with swish. We therefore have the opportunity to come out with the customer's bag.
We are always open in our webshop with free shipping: Follow us on instagram / Facebook for inspiration.
* Opportunity to book an appointment in the store, if the customer wants to shop alone.
Contact: Tel: 0910-14533
Of course we want to be mentioned when you talk about shopping locally!


Book your own time in the store between 7-22. We lock the door so you do not have to worry. For those of you who know what you want or want to buy a gift card, but do not have the opportunity to visit us, we offer free home delivery within Skellefteå city center.

To make you feel safe, we work in visors.

For more info tel. 0910-132 80 or via Instagram and Facebook.


Have the store to yourself and shop in peace and quiet
Contact us and we will book an individual time for you before the store opens.

Borrow clothes and try on at home
Come into the store and select what you want to borrow or contact us by phone or via email with requests about the model, colour and size and we will pick up the garments for you, pack in a bag that is picked up in or outside the store. Payment is made via bank transfer, swish, card or cash.

Order via Instagram or Facebook
Order your clothes via our social media, where we constantly post news, offers and other goodies that may be interesting to you.

Free home delivery
Get free home delivery within central Skellefteå. If the distance is a little longer, we can send by post (shipping/postage will be added).

Pick up your order§1 outside the store, and pay with Swish, bank transfer or invoice. Cash is also going well.

Phone: 0910-10175 or e-mail:


Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Book staff shopping outside opening hours.

Book an appointment and we will call FaceTime or Massenger and can show you the goods.

Pay easily with Swish or Klarna.

We send your order with DHL, free shipping & returns.

We can send your Christmas presents and gift cards wrapped.

Right of exchange for Christmas presents to 3 / 1-21.

Phone, 0910-17060


Give us a call and we'll help you, tel 0910-144 30


Call or email the store and order and we will pack your order for you. It is possible to pay with Swish and pick up your order outside the store.

We offer home delivery of your goods. Call us on tel. 073-0219955 and we will help you further.


We offer Click & Collect.
1. Place an order
2. Select pick up in store
3. We pack your orders
4. Pick up your package in the store

Ingmar Inredning

Ingmar helps its customers based on their wishes.

You can shop via Facetime or Instagram, swish the payment and pick up the item outside the store. Or they deliver the product to you, etc.

Contact the staff and together find the best solution, tel. 070-284 61 61.

Kjell & Company

Pick up outside the store
Now you can choose your item on and pick it up outside the store! See how it works step by step at:

Call the store
Call the store at 0910-760600 and get help from our salespeople, put away and order products.

Shop like in a store, but online
Meet our knowledgeable sellers, live on your mobile or computer, and shop directly in the conversation! With the help of the mobile camera, you can, for example, show exactly what is happening on the TV or what that socket looks like, and thus we can help you in a way that has never been possible before.

Shop in live broadcasts
A warm welcome to our live broadcasts where we tell you about our products!

Home delivery
Order your item on and choose between picking it up in or outside the store, at the post office, in the mailbox or having the item delivered to your door. You can see which options are available for you at the checkout.

Kåge Blommor

Give us a call and we'll help you, tel. 0910-72 00 68


You can order goods via the store's webshop,
You can also contact the store and order, pay with Swish and pick up outside the store. Talk to the staff if you want home delivery.
Tel. 0910-135 02.

Liljas Konst och Ram

We want you to feel safe shopping with us, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to adapt your shopping.
Tel. 0910-36836

Lindex City and Solbacken

You are welcome to contact the store so the staff used is to pick up the goods you want. When you are then outside the store, the staff comes out with your goods and solves the payment via swish.


Do you want or can you not visit the store?
Visit our webshop order your lamps, pay with clear and choose to pick up in-store. You will receive an SMS when everything is ready to be picked up.
Get in touch and we can deliver outside the store or provide home delivery by appointment. You can pay in-store or with Swish outside.
We also accept orders by phone 0910-15800, email or via Instagram @ljusexpertenskellefte.


You are warmly welcome to shop via our website, call or email the store. We together find the best way to shop safely, tel. 073-0263862.


Give us a call and we'll help you, tel. 0910-107 09

Pauls blommor

Email your order to or text Åsa: 070-661 92 64, or call: 0910-148 40. You can then pick up your order inside or outside the store or get what you want to be delivered! It is possible to pay with Swish.


We offer private sessions in the salt room. You sit completely alone in the room, but you are of course welcome to bring someone you still hang out with. You can choose whether you want light therapy or not.
We have since March reduced the number of seats to 4, but we can set up an extra chair if there are more of you in your closed party / family.
Of course, we wipe all contact surfaces between each session and we have plenty of time between each booking to ensure that customers do not meet at the door.
For individual treatments, I use visors and mouth guards.

Christmas gift tips!
Order your goods or your gift card via email or phone!
We prepare your order so you can either pick it up from us or we will drive it home to you if you live in the immediate area. We solve payment by sending a payment link to your phone.


We allow a maximum of 35 customers in the store, including Tomtestaden. We have set up 35 customer badges outside the entrance. You take a badge when you enter and when the badges are all being used, you have to wait until someone leaves and a new badge is put back on the board.

Hand alcohol is available directly at the entrance and at the checkouts, be sure to use it!

Call and book your visit on 0910-452680 for weekdays between 9-10, then we only accept 10 customers.

We help you pick up plants and goods that you can pay for and pick up outside the store. Payment is then made by card or Swish.

There is also a bell outside the entrance that can be used if you want to shop directly without entering.

Sko Centrum

We keep our distance and spray / keep clean in the store.

We offer home loans to those who can not or do not want to stay in the city center.

Home delivery in the city center and payment by cash or Swish goes well

Call 0910-12100 and we will come out of the store and help you, hand out goods and more.

If you want to shop in peace, we book a time before opening or after closing, so you can try on shoes alone with the staff!

Call 0910-12100 or email and we will help you with your shoe purchase or contact us via Facebook or Instagram: skocentrumskellefteå 


Contact Smarteyes and book the store before opening in the morning for an eye examination and fix of glasses.

We offer our parking lot if you need it.

We spray all the frames and all equipment between each test.

For the collection of glasses, we offer home delivery by post. Tel. 0910-49 09 80.

Spets & Ting

Contact the store and order, pay with Swish and pick up outside the store.

Talk to the staff and we can agree on any home delivery or other opportunities for you to shop safely.
Tel. 0910-108 08

Sport City

Contact the store and book your own time in the store, then you are the only customer in the entire store.

It is possible to have goods delivered to your home or to pick up the goods outside the store.

Call the store and find a good solution, tel. 0910-159 01


You can order by phone 0910-775157 or email and pick up in or outside the store, there is a bell at the door. It is also possible to shop through the door. Pay via card terminal or Swish.

The store is open Mon.-Fri. 11.00-16.00, Saturdays 11.00-14.00, Wednesdays closed.