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Now is your turn. Your time to take care of yourself. When everyday life and professional life demand everything and a little more, it is important to sometimes take a break and take care of both body and soul, and we suggest you do so at one of our beauty salons or studios. Treat yourself, because you are worth it

You deserve to take a moment for yourself. You deserve a moment of relaxation from the worries of everyday life, and you deserve to feel cared for. You deserve an opportunity to take care of both body and soul and gain strength and then take on the world with replenished energy.

Treat yourself to a spa visit where you can relax and be pampered. Get a facial, a wonderful massage, and feel the recovery fill you during your spa visit. Treat yourself to a moment of beauty with a visit to one of our talented hairdressers. Let them take care of your hair while you can sit back and enjoy the beauty treatment at the hair salon.

Take care of yourself from the inside out, with a yoga session or two at the city's yoga studio. Stretch, relax and feel the strength of your body. Bring the strength you find during the yoga session in everything you do in your everyday life. Take the opportunity to strengthen the body's own healing ability through energy-giving and health-promoting treatments at Skellefteå Saltzon. A salon that strengthens your body and makes it help you, parry you and follow you.