Souvenirs & giftshop

We look after our local designers and producers at the Skellefteå Visiting Center, and take great pride in their work. Therefore we're offering a wide selection of local products that are perfect as gifts, Christmas presents or as a souvenir at our store.

Among the store's products, we have a strong focus on sustainable products. Here you will find, among other things:

  • Beeswax cloths
  • Silver jewelry, made by Kicki Lidman
  • Sami pewter bracelet, made by Ann Bergwall
  • Ceramics from local craftsmen, including BrakkonArt Jeanette Hultdin, Ida Boström, Linda Lundberg Lili Crafts
  • Wooden cups / mugs, jewelry and postcards from Feels like North
  • Delicacies from Alterheden outside Piteå, which with the help of solar panels are completely self-sufficient in electricity.
  • Wooden kero cups, produced in Norrbotten.

We also have a lot of Skellefteå profiled material in the store. How about a Skellefteå hat, or why not bags, thermoses and much more to show that you are proud to come from Skellefteå.