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Conference at Stiftsgården


Our conference rooms and meeting rooms are personal and suit many different needs, everything from round table conversations for a few to large gatherings in cinema seating.
Brandellsalen with its lovely space, Isboden with its whitewashed timber walls and its fireplace.

Upper salon with its home feeling and its comfortable leather armchairs.

Our largest premises Brandellsalen and Nordlandersalen can accommodate up to 100 people in cinema seating.

All our meeting rooms are equipped with a video projector and there are plenty of group rooms adjacent to the premises.

The food experience is an important part of the conference, we know that.

Morning and afternoon coffee is offered in the mansion. Dinner is served in one of the dining rooms or in our unique 17th-century cellar, Pehrkällaren.

For many of our guests, it is enough to stay in our beautiful environment and enjoy the surroundings and good food. But if you wish, we are happy to help you arrange various activitiesStiftsgården or in our immediate area. Why not enjoy a moment in our warm outdoor baths?

If you choose to stay overnight, you will get a good night's sleep at our hotel.

Warm welcome!

Contact information

Brännavägen 25
931 44 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-910725700


Opening hours

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  2. Monday08:00-16:00
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Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00.  During the summer we have closed our phone. pkease send us an E-mail for questions and bookning request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Price information


Contact us for more information regarding the price for your intended conference.


8 conference rooms 2-100 people and group rooms.

30 hotel rooms with 52 beds

Relaxation area with hot outdoor baths

Restaurant with full rights.


Brännavägen 25, 931 44 Skellefteå.