Together we get more people to choose a sustainable Skellefteå

Visit Skellefteå is jointly owned by the municipality and the business community in Skellefteå. Our mission is to market, and actively strive to make Skellefteå, through experiences, meetings, and events, an attractive visitor destination and a prominent place to live. In collaboration with the municipality, our member companies as well as our residents and visitors, we work to get more people to choose Skellefteå



We are tasked with developing and positioning Skellefteå as a commercial city striving for a vibrant city center, attractive for both residents and visitors.

We strengthen Skellefteå as a tourist destination and promote the entire destination regionally, nationally and internationally as well as running the tourist center.

We develop Skellefteå as a meeting place with a focus on national and international congresses as well as international business groups and incentive trips.

Contribute to developing Skellefteå as a city for events with the aim, through small and large events, to attract more visitors, generate more guest nights and build pride among the residents of Skellefteå.

Visit Skellefteå is jointly owned by the business community (51%) and the municipality of Skellefteå (49%) and is the collaboration platform that works with development, coordination and marketing of Skellefteå.

Visit Skellefteå and Skellefteå Tourist Center have been reviewed according to the Global Sustainablility Tourism Council´s critera for sustainable tourism and part of Västerbotten Experience

Visit Skellefteå, together with other destinations and municipalities, runs the Västerbotten Sweden project. Together with the companies, we want to develop more sustainable and export-ready experiences for both residents and visitors, and make Skellefteå and Västerbotten an even more attractive place to live. The project is financed by Region Västerbotten and the European Development Fund.

Visit Skellefteå is also part of the cross-border cooperation Bothnian Coastal Route, an Interreg Aurora project that will enhance experiences around the Bothnian coast and archipelago. The project will contribute to increased awareness of the coastal route across the Kvarken and around the Gulf of Bothnia among both foreign visitors and the local population.

Skellefteå is part of the destination Swedish Lapland and Visit Skellefteå is a co-owner of the Swedish Lapland Visitors board, which represents the tourism industry in northernmost Sweden and manages and markets the place brand Swedish Lapland.