Culture in Skellefteå

The cultural scene in Skellefteå is large and offers something for both young and old.

Exciting exhibitions of challenging and thought-provoking art, world-class theater performances, and traveling dance performances are mixed with open creative workshops, children's dance tales and local storytelling. We want to help you get a clear view of what's happening, so you can find the best that the culture in Skellefteå can offer.

Culture in the city center

Skellefteå's new cultural center sits enthroned in central Skellefteå, and is an obvious choice for those interested in culture. Here you will find, among other things, our county theater Västerbottensteatern, which is based in Sara Kulturhus. In Nordanå, the green cultural area with a long history, we find the Skellefteå museum which offers an insight into our local culture. And to tie the bag together with the central culture, Skellefteå Riksteaterförening organizes events at stages both at Nordanåteatern and Sara Kulturhus.

Culture in the entire destination

The cultural life in Skellefteå doesn't only take place in the city centre, it's also alive and well in the entire destination. Discover local artists, exciting industrial history, unique sights and local artists. But you can also learn everything about international Västerbotten cheese in Burträsk.