Explore our Sustainable Skellefteå

"The world can see that the future is in Skellefteå"

These words were uttered by the then Prime Minister when he visited Skellefteå the 18th October 2021. In Skellefteå, one of the biggest social transformations in modern times is currently taking place. This transformation takes place with a focus on sustainability. The hospitality industry is an important part of the destination's sustainability work and has an important role to show and offer experiences for visitors, investors and for immigrants. Sustainability and development go hand in hand.

Sustainability is our focus

Skellefteå is facing a major societal transformation with the goal of approx. 90,000 inhabitants in 2030. The city, the cultural district and nature together form a diversity of environments. With changing seasons and varying climates, unique experiences are created here. There is a strong industrial tradition that is gradually developing into new sustainable industries, and there is also a Sami cultural-historical landscape.


Skellefteå is the growing place of the green transition. We think sustainably - in wood research and wooden house construction, in the production of renewable energy, in the mining industry for sustainable extraction and recycling of metals, in creative industries and in the IT sector.