Explore our sustainable Skellefteå

"If you want to understand how the world should change to a climate-smart way of life, then you should go to Skellefteå. This is where it happens."

These words were uttered by the then Minister of Civil Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi in the autumn of 2019 after a visit to Skellefteå. The hospitality industry is an important part of the destination's sustainability work and has an important role to show and offer experiences for visitors, investors and for immigrants. Sustainability and development go hand in hand.

Sustainable meetings and events

Being able to offer an event that not only has a good environmental profile but also contributes to improvements in society locally and globally - and may even leave lasting positive changes behind - is a sustainable meeting or event. This is exactly what we strive for in Skellefteå and here there are good conditions: Facilities at the forefront, most within walking distance, locally produced food, environmentally friendly transport and not least a fantastic host. We constantly strive to get better and we do it together at our destination.

Sustainability development is our focus

With 7,174 km, Skellefteå is Sweden's largest coastal municipality in terms of area. Just over 72,000 inhabitants live here. The city, the cultural area and nature form a diversity of environments. Changing seasons and varied climates create unique experiences. Here is a strong industrial tradition that has gradually developed into new sustainable industries and here is also a Sami cultural-historical landscape. In Skellefteå, we think sustainably - in research and around wooden houses, in energy supply and biogas production, in mining as a prerequisite for battery production, in the creative industries and in the IT sector. With Northvolt's battery factory, new sustainable solutions will also emerge.