Shopping in Skellefteå

We are proud to have received the Årets Cityhandel award in 2017 and that our shopping centre Citykompaniet ranked as Sweden's 2nd best city shopping centre in 2018. It shows how much our stores care about you - their customer. It's also a sign that we can offer a wide range in products and the fact that many stores work with both ecological and social sustainability in their businesses.


There are two shopping centres in the city centre, Vintergatan and Citykompaniet, as well as plenty of stores outside the shopping centres. There are also two shopping areas; one located south of Skellefteå and one, Solbacken, located in the northern part of town. Add nice service to it, and let us say 'Welcome to shop in Skellefteå'


Thank you for shopping locally

Your choice to shop locally matters and is of great importance for Skellefteå. Thanks to you our local and unique stores can live on and our community can be developed and strenghtened. Your choice makes you one of many local heroes, and we thank you for that.