Eat & drink in Skellefteå

Eating is one of the best things about going in a vacation. Eating out, trying new food. Trying the local delicacies and tasting new flavors. And if you choose to eat in Skellefteå, you are in for a flavorful meal. Many of our restaurants use local ingredients that are packed full of flavor. Try eating a wild mushroom, or food made with local meats and cheeses. If we may be so bold - the food you eat in Skellefteå tastes better than any food you've had. Eating out in Skellefteå is a treat.  


As you can see, we are very proud of our local producers and food creators, and we want to tell you even more about them. About their thoughts, experiences and background that shape the food they produce today.

Enjoy amazing food

We all need to eat, and food is especially noteworthy when you're on vacation. You don't need to think that much about what you'll eat next when you're at home, you probably have plenty of options in your kitchen. But you don't travel with your kitchen, so what will you eat? Lucky for you, we have plenty of options in our area. 


We have lighter food options when you're on the go and just need to eat something right this second. The same restaurants and cafés that offer you food on the go can also offer you a place to sit, eat and enjoy the town and your company. And you should know that during the warmer months of the year we have lots of outside serving areas so you can sit outside while eating. The true meaning of eating out! 


Other times you want the food and dinner to be an experience in itself, a memory of not just great flavors but also a lovely moment shared with your loved ones. To create such a memory you first have to decide - what kind of setting do you want for your meal? A scenic view over the Skellefteå river, or a mansion with 300 years worth of history? Or maybe you prefer a rural setting in the middle of the forrest (but still with really tasty food), or an old farm house with food to die for? Because, you guessed it, we have it all.