Venues suitable for meetings

Choosing the facility or arena for your meeting is often one of the first steps you take towards a successful meeting. Therefore, we have gathered all the information about both large and small meeting rooms in Skellefteå with the hope that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Several of the meeting facilities also offer accommodation.

Meeting capacity

Get a quick overview of the meeting capacity in Skellefteå, with the opportunity to meet in both modern premises in an urban area and in a more secluded environment in areas close to nature.


Facility  Rooms Maxcapacity Exhibition area
Skellefteå stadshotell 16 500  –
Scandic hotel 16 600 1800 (m2)
Stiftsgården 5 80  –
Folkparken 12 600

327 (m2)

Nordanå  1 425


Campus Skellefteå 4 220


Skellefteå Kraft Arena 10 4000 1700 (m2)
Medlefors 15 380 300 (m2)
Aurum Hotel 7 120  –
Sara Kulturhus* 9 1200  –


* Sara Kulturhus opens in the fall of 2021

Venues further away

For those looking for premises and facilities outside Skellefteå, there are a number of different alternatives.


Facility  Rooms Maxcapacity
Lövångergården 6 250
Munkviken 4 70
Solviken Folkhögskola 13 150
Svansele Vildmarkcenter 1 150
Drive Center Arena 6 150
Burträsk camping 1 30



See all available facilities, get more information and book your choice today.