Get around in Skellefteå

Skellefteå, one of the 15-minute cities along the Norrland coast, is incredibly easy to get around. You can easily walk or cycle, allowing you to avoid stress while being kind to the environment. There are good bus connections to the nearby villages, and taxis are always an option when you need them. Skellefteå makes it simple and convenient for all visitors.


Getting around Skellefteå on foot is both easy and pleasant. Most of what you need is within comfortable walking distance. In the city center, you are close to the beautiful Skellefte River promenade, where you can enjoy the southern sun and fresh air. The entire downtown area is conveniently accessible, offering a wide range of shopping, restaurants, and hotels. Whether you are looking for a relaxing walk or want to explore the city's shops and cafes, Skellefteå provides an accessible and walkable city that makes your visit both easy and enjoyable.


Cycling around Skellefteå is an excellent way to explore and experience even more exciting places. At Cykel och Fiskecenter and Hyras, you can easily rent a bike, either electric or pedal-powered. You can quickly get from the city center to beautiful nature spots and other interesting locations. Cycle along the scenic river promenade or discover new parts of the city center and the nearby villages. Cycling gives you the freedom to experience all that Skellefteå has to offer in a convenient and fun way.

Rent a car

Driving in Skellefteå offers great freedom to explore both the city and its surroundings. With ample parking options and several car rental companies, it’s easy to find and use a car. You can comfortably visit scenic areas and more remote attractions. Enjoy both the city and day trips with ease.


Taking a taxi in Skellefteå is a convenient and flexible way to travel. With several taxi companies available around the clock, you can quickly get a ride when you need it. Taxis are perfect for shorter trips within the city center or quick transfers to the train station and airport. You don't have to worry about parking or directions and can instead enjoy a stress-free journey. Easily book via phone or mobile apps for fast and smooth service.

  • AM Taxi, +46910-140 00
  • City Taxi Skellefteå, +46910-130 00
  • Din Taxi i Skellefteå, +46910-960 00
  • Hallå Taxi, +4676-777 79 55
  • Lågpristaxi Skellefteå, +46910-180 00
  • Skellefteå Taxi, +46910-170 00
  • Snap Taxi, +4670-481 14 28
  • You can book an airport taxi most easily online.

Public transportation

Getting around Skellefteå with public transport is easy and convenient. The bus system helps you travel between different parts of Skellefteå and explore the nearby villages and surrounding areas. With the bus, you can easily access a wide range of accommodations, activities, and experiences. Whether you want to explore the city center or take a trip to the countryside, the buses make it smooth and easy to get around.

You can find information and schedules for local transport at, and for regional transport at