Skellefteå's center gift card

Congratulations Skellefteå, the place where the local gift card is the most sold throughout the country. It can be used at over 100 shops, cafes, restaurants, gyms salons and hotels in central Skellefteå. An appreciated gift that also contributes to a vibrant city centre! Available for purchase at the Skellefteå Tourist Center - pay us a visit and we'll tell you more!



Buy the Skellefteå gift card directly in an unmanned vending machine inside Citykompaniet, or over the counter inside Skellefteå tourist center in the center. Pay by card, Apple or Android Pay, Swish or Bankgiro. The gift card can be loaded with between SEK 100 and SEK 5,000.

You can also order the card from home, for more information click here.

The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be redeemed for cash. Unfortunately, a lost card can not be replaced. The card can only be used in affiliated businesses in Skellefteå Centrum and thus does not work at other commercial locations or for online purchases.

Return of goods - You cannot receive cash back for a return. However, you can get a credit note.

The gift card works just like a bank card, when you're going to pay, choose signature purchase and then the transaction is complete. If a merchant does not accept signature purchases, you can instead use the last four digits of the card number as a PIN code. If the card number is: 10010300-00004567, then the PIN code is 4567.