Burträsk saluhall

BURTRÄSK, Skellefteå

The Burträsk Saluhall indoor market is located in the centre of Burträsk. When walking into the cosy, little shop, you are greeted by a palpable sense of market stalls from yesteryear. You can sample high-quality, locally produced foods and you can buy foods directly from the farms without expensive middlemen and transportation.

At Burträsk Saluhall indoor market you get locally produced food of the highest quality that is good for the climate and environment as well as healthy and delicious!

Burträsk Saluhall is a co-operative of local farmers and artisanal food producers in the Burträsk region, a little ways inland between Skellefteå and Umeå.

We produce food traditionally and sustainably. When you buy food from us, you are buying directly from the farmer and you avoid expensive middlemen and transportation. Our products are of the highest quality and contain no unnecessary additives. The fact that the animals are free-range and graze on local meadows is something you can taste. 

Since we engage in small-scale production, not all products are available all year round. Follow our Facebook page to receive regular offers and information on the availability of new products, such as during slaughter and harvest.

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