Kalvträsk cheese

Kalvträsk, Skellefteå

At the small dairy, various kinds of cheese are produced, including Saffron cheese, Blueberry cheese, Spiced cheese, Kitt cheese, Bark cheese, and their bestseller, Kalvträsk cheese, a matured pressed delicacy with great character. A true delight for the palate.

'I enjoy experimenting with different flavors. That's the advantage of having production on a small scale,' notes Tony.

The milk is sourced just a stone's throw away from the dairy at the village's only farm, Söderström Lantbruk. 190 liters of milk are collected twice a week and poured into the cheese vat, eventually yielding around 100 cheeses. All cheeses are made from untreated fresh cow's milk. No additives are added, and the only protection is a waxed surface on the cheese.

The cheese is sold directly over the counter but can also be purchased at Kalvträsk Handel, markets, and food halls in Burträsk, Skellefteå, and Umeå. It can also be ordered online through Caserum's website.

Guided tours of the dairy can be booked through Caserum's website and in certain packages at White Mountain Lodge.