Mountain biking on Vitberget


Come and experience the speed and excitement of mountain biking on the Vitberget MTB track. You can choose to cycle 2.9 km or 5.2 km. The courses offer terrain that suits both the beginner and the more advanced cyclists.

The track makes use of the natural terrain on the Vitberget. From Skellefteå Camping, there is a connection path to the starting point of the MTB track, which is located by the shooting range at the back of Vitberget.


Public transportation


Two access routes

If you follow the signs from Skellefteå Camping, there are two access routes that quickly lead to the MTB tracks.

The eastern access trail starts at the north-eastern corner of the campsite, runs parallel to the E4 and connects roughly in the middle with the Vitbergs and Klippleden.

The western approach trail starts at the northwest corner of the campsite, crosses the ski slopes and connects at the start of the MTB tracks.