Munkviken around - Blue trail 16km

Lövånger, Skellefteå

Here you follow parts of the old medieval road and have nice views of the sea. Do not miss the nice detour to the viewpoint on Tultret.

Passes the villages Gammelbyn, Kallviken and Avan. Gravel road most of the way, except for the first five kilometers. The road also runs 1.5 kilometers along the old medieval country road. Nice views near the sea in the cold bay and the Munkviken cycle path passes close to many possibilities for nice detours. A short distance between Kallviken and Munkviken is a forest road, take housing into account.

Tips on detours

1. Knecktplatsen - Lövånger's old bathing place
2. Kallviken harbor - Was a shipping port anyway until the Second World War for Burträsk and Lövånger
3. Tulret - Sea mark high up on a mountain.
4. Shipwreck - from the year of distress 1695
5. Munkviken - The church's campsite with an open summer café. 

AroundLövånger you will find six cycle paths of different lengths and with many great experiences after
the road. Combine the cycling experience with food and accommodation at Lövångergården and Lövånger Kyrkstad.

Here is a google my maps map of bike paths in Lövånger