Broträsk around - Green track approx. 17 km

Lövånger, Skellefteå

If you choose the green trail, you will follow flower-edged paths during the summer. Here you can also make a detour to an ancient monument on Hötjärnsberget.

Historic route
Passes the villages, Selet, Hötjärn, Broträsk and Lövvattnet. The roads past Hötjärn are easy-cycle gravel roads with a species-rich road edge. In the spring, the roadside is often lined with gooseberry flowers, in high summer bluebells and daisies. Along Hötjärnsvägen, pass the sign Hötjärnsberget 1 kilometer, Ancient monument 1 kilometer; interesting form memory where the so-called Vebomarksgude once stood.

Tips on detours

1. Korsvägen - Here you pass the country road from the 15th century. See info coolers at the intersection.
2. Vebomarksguden
3. Broträsk - Head straight ahead on Vebomarksvägen and you will come to a breathtaking view of the broträsk.
4. Gamla Vebomarksvägen - Turn left directly after Lövvattnet. Nice cycle path.

Around Lövånger you will find six cycle paths of different lengths and many great experiences to follow
the road. Combine the cycling experience with food and accommodation at Lövångergården and Lövånger Kyrkstad.

Here is a google my maps map of bike paths in Lövånger