Böle around - Brown trail 18 km

Lövånger, Skellefteå

During this tour, you will find several nice resting places, detours to the sea, and proximity to Gärdefjärden nature reserve.

The brown cycle track follows for a couple of kilometers the old inland waterway towards Bjuröklubb which passed through Lövånger. The watercourse is visible on the right side. On the slope down to the lake in Böle, there are settlements from the 16th century. The road from the bridge in Gärde to Lövånger can be difficult to cycle. Another road runs just under a kilometer along the E4 to Lövånger.

Tips on detours

1. Knektplatsen - Lövånger's old bathing place.
2. Kallviken harbor - Was a shipping port anyway until the Second World War for Burträsk and Lövånger
3. Tultret - Sea mark high up on a mountain.
4. Rotsands bathing place - With a nice beach
5. Rest area - At the stream between Högfjärden and Gärdefjärden
6. Gärdefjärden nature reserve - with rich bird life.

Around Lövånger you will find six cycle paths of different lengths and many great experiences after
the road. Combine the cycling experience with food and accommodation at Lövångergården and Lövånger Kyrkstad.

Here is a google my maps map of bike paths in Lövånger