Medborgarskolan – is a humanistic study association that prioritizes the desire to learn. We are driven by developing people’s interests into new knowledge throughout their lives.

At Medborgarskolan, we understand that new knowledge ignites courage and opens up new possibilities, encouraging people to express their thoughts and opinions. Every day, we strive to inspire individuals to grow and acquire new knowledge in an enjoyable manner.

Medborgarskolan Skellefteå
Medborgarskolan in Skellefteå, offers a wide range of adult learning. We provide open courses in for example ceramics/pottery, silverwork, cooking, languages, music, data, bookkeeping, snowmobile and mopeds.

Rent Our Facilities
You can also rent our adaptable spaces for various events such as film screenings, book releases, customer events, or staff training. We have four different meeting rooms, a café area, and a cooking kitchen with three stations!

Events for Community Transformation
Keep an eye out for our events, such as “One Country - One Evening,” a collaboration with Skellefteå Municipality’s Welcome House and Expat and Friends Association.