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After a critically acclaimed and celebrated tour in 2023, Isak Jansson continues his journey in the fall of 2024 with his show "DALAAPAN! A stand-up show about an escaped monkey."

Nearly 100 years ago, a monkey disappeared from a circus in the village of Enviken outside Falun. The hunting party was sent out, shots were fired, but what happened next? The peculiar story piqued comedian Isak Jansson's curiosity. Where did the monkey go? Was there even a monkey at all?

As the pandemic raged and the residents of Sweden baked sourdough bread and stocked up on toilet paper, Isak sat at the Royal Library searching for the answer to the riddle. What happened to the monkey? The result was the show "Dalaapan." A performance about finding home through a peculiar detour, as a stray macaque trod the path.

"Dalaapan" is a warm comedy show about finding love for the countryside and hometown. It's about dialects, nicknames, rural mentality, prejudices, Kalle Wahlström Zackari, grandmother, the law of Jante, and Finnish lions.

Isak Jansson was named Male Comedian of the Year 2020 at the Swedish Standup Gala. He also won Show of the Year 2019 with his show "Quick - A comedy show" (together with Ola Aurell). He has appeared/heard on programs such as "Släng dig i Brunnen" (SVT), "Tankesmedjan" (P3), and "Confessions" (Comedy Central). He hosts the humor and role-playing podcast "Rollspelsklubben."

"Dalaapan" is Isak's fourth solo show after: "It's All the Florists' Fault" (2014), "Isak Jansson Solves All the World's Problems in 60 Minutes" (2016), "Quick – a Comedy Show" (2018).

Praise for the show:

"This is one of the most well-crafted stand-ups I've seen in my entire life [...] He delivers the jokes in a very warm and clever way, he has a personal style, and he doesn't need to roast anyone, there is quite a lot of warmth and love."
Caroline Hedman, P4 Dalarna

"A cool and relaxed stand-up by and with Isak Jansson. The art of talking about an event that may have happened, even so long ago, for almost 2 hours is an art."

"It's a well-written and varied monologue, full of sudden turns, insights, and digressions."
Anders Gustafsson, Falukuriren

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21Sep 19:30 - 21:00 Stage 4, Sara kulturhus

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Kanalgatan 43B
93131 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-910736000

Organizer: Isak Jansson, Göstas Humor AB

E-mail: biljettinformation@sarakult...
Website: www.sarakulturhus.se/en

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Age limit: 13 years

Duration: 90 minutes, no break.