Ersmark lighted track | 0,8 km - 2,6 km

The lighted track in Ersmark is maintained by Friluftsfrämjandet in Kågedalen and is located just north of the village itself, starting at the horse riding hall (Ridhuset). There is also a car park for those who come by car. There are 2 loops. A yellow easy-to-ride loop of 0.8 km and a red of 2.6 km with some elevation on the far part. From the riding hall there is a 0.5 km long lighted connection to the loops and from Basvägen there is a 1.2 km long connection without lighting.

Length: 0,8 km - 2,6 km 
Difficulty: Easy
Lighting: Yes (Not the connection from Basvägen)
Maintained byFriluftsfrämjandet Kågedalen