Souvenirs & giftshop

Welcome to and visit us at Skellefteå Tourist Center! In our boutique, you will find local and sustainable gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

We care about our local designers and producers and have therefore brought in a large range of crafts from various designers and creators in the region. Our products are great as a gift, Christmas present, or souvenirs from Skellefteå and the northern part of Sweden. Whatever it is, we will help you find the right one.


Come in and get inspired by our mix of wood crafts, ceramics, jewelry, art, interior design, and delicacies. We also have a large selection of Skellefteå profiled products in the store: hats, bags, and other accessories.


We have put Skellefteå on the map - now also put our city in the package, in your home, and on your body!