Drivecenter Arena

Fällfors, Skellefteå

We’re a 365 day a year business and leisure destination with Scandinavia's longest race trackwhere annual motorsport events are held.

Our business is all year round where different types of events, suitable for small groups for larger events for several hundred people in one of our business branches.

Conference opportunities, different types of training where our risk and safety training has become very popular, test activities mainly in the automotive industry, launches of products, premises for trade fairs, hotels, and more.

The area's size of 360 ha with about 80 ha of paved roads makes it possible to combine several different activities at the same time.

Restaurant and accommodation (96 rooms with a total of 136 beds) inside the area make it easy to stay at Drivecenter Arena. Driving from track and practice areas takes a maximum of 5 minutes and then parking directly outside the restaurant and accommodation.