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NOTE! Information regarding the 2020 season
Due to the COVID-19, Rismyrliden will only receive pre-booked visits. 


Farmhouse, summer cottage, bakehouse, cow-house, summer cow-house, round threshing barn, shed, tool shed, smithy, sauna, earth cellar, barns… That’s what a traditional farm in Västerbotten used to look like, and that’s what it still looks like in Rismyrliden today.

Thirteen unpainted buildings from the early 19th century are situated on a hillside. Up here on the hill, surrounded by forest and mire, the risk that the barley and potato harvest would be ruined by frost was reduced. Rismyrliden may be the place in Västerbotten that best shows what a 19th-century farm used to look like. The many buildings mere a typical feature, where each building had its separate function.

Summer in Rismyrliden
Today Rismyrliden has plenty of visitors. In the summer they can learn more about what life was like at a farm in the old days; farming, laundry, cooking… Explore on your own or join a guided tour where you can learn more about the history of each building. You can also participate in the events that are organised at the farm.

Contact information

Visit Skellefteå
Gården ligger ca 4 mil från Skellefteå och är öppen för allmänheten sommartid.

Phone: +46-702475057

E-mail: info@rismyrliden.se
Website: www.rismyrliden.se

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På grund av Covid-19 pandemin kommer Rismyrliden endast ta emot förbokade besök.
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Due to the Covid-19, Rismyrliden will only receive pre-booked visits.


Wheelchair. Toilet and ramps for several of the houses


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