Open July 3th - July 31st year 2024
Wednesday-Sunday 11.00-15.30
Closed Monday and Tuesday

About four miles from Skellefteå is Rismyrliden, the county's only preserved new building with a complete building stock. The farm, about 500 hectares, was built as a new building in 1825 and is one of Västerbotten's most appreciated excursion destinations. Visiting Rismyrliden is like opening the door to the past.

Today Rismyrliden is owned by the municipal foundation Rismyrliden. The visitor's garden covers approximately 2 hectares and the house is declared a listed building.
During the summer, Stödföreningen Rismyrlidens Vänner conducts café activities and guided tours on the farm.
With the help of the State Cultural Council, we have put the oldest house "Brorers" in order, where visitors can now take part in the farm's history. Visitors to the cafe also have the opportunity to sit and have coffee at Brorer's house.
The children have got their own house in the old barn. There they can learn more about how people lived in the past. The children also have access to their garden to taste what is grown.
This year there are sheep and chickens on the farm and the garden will be cultivated with old cultural plants.
Activities and events are advertised in newspapers, on the website, and Facebook.
Through a project financed by LEADER Skellefteå Älvdal and the EU's structural funds, we are digitizing the history of the Rismyrliden cultural heritage. For self-guided tours, an audio guide is available to borrow.

Welcome to take part in an essential cultural monument in Västerbotten!

Contact information

Gården ligger ca 4 mil från Skellefteå och är öppen för allmänheten sommartid.

Phone: +46-702475057
Mobile: +46-702802361

E-mail: info@rismyrliden.se
Website: www.rismyrliden.se


Wheelchair: Toilet and ramps for several of the houses.


The farm is located 4 km west of Skellefteå. In the southern roundabout at Skellefteå Campus, Skråmträskvägen towards Bastuträsk and follow the signs to Rismyrliden.


  • Café
  • Playroom
  • WC
  • Children’s menu
  • Parking