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Lövånger Church Town

Lövånger, Skellefteå

All houses in the Lövånger church town are painted Falu red. Window shutters and doors are painted in yellow ochre whilst windowsills and mullions shine brightly white. It is safe to say that whoever visits Lövånger will get a hefty dose of Swedish rural romanticism.

The cottages are renovated to a good standard but all the cottages have retained their contemporary charm. Our cabins have one to five beds. All have a shower and toilet and most have kitchenettes.

Pet-Friendly accommodation
Bring your pet with you! We offer pet-friendly rooms during your stay. Feel free to contact us and we can help you find a room that suits you both.

Check-in and check-out at Lövångergården
You can find all the correct opening hours on our webpage
 Call 0913-102 03.

Contact information

Kungsvägen 31
Contact: Emelie Ahlback
Phone: +46-91310203


Opening hours

  1. Today07:00-19:00
  2. Saturday08:00-10:00
  3. Sunday08:00-10:00
  4. Monday07:00-14:00
  5. Tuesday07:00-14:00
  6. Wednesday07:00-14:00
  7. Thursday07:00-14:00

Price information

Lunch buffet in Lövångergården's restaurant

Always at least three different dishes and always vegetarian options. Always Swedish meat and Swedish chicken and 100% climate-compensated coffee.

Large and super-fresh salad buffet.

Coffee and hard cake after dinner.


Public transportation


Lövångergården is a company that was started in May 2019.
Lövångergården works hard with sustainability work and wants to be an obvious part of Lövångerborn's everyday life and be able to help with everything the guests demand.


From the E4, take off in Lövånger, signs for Lövånger Kyrkstad. Drive 600 meters through Lövånger. You will find Lövånger church town on the left. After the cottage village turn left.


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