Snow sliding in Skellefteå


Snow Sliding in Skellefteå

At Sjungande Dalen there are some slopes where many tend to go sliding just above the intersection between Dirigent- and Orkestervägen. Just make sure not to steer out onto the road.

Vitberget. In the hill, you can go slalom or sledge. The hill also has a riding belt and is open during Easter.
Due to prevailing circumstances, keep in mind the distance and stay home at the slightest symptom.

In Solbacken there’s a great sliding hill with windshield and an outdoor grill. You can find parking spots at Alhems kyrkogårds big parking lot or the turning area between the sliding hill and Alhems kyrkogårds big parking lot.

At Erikslid there’s an amazing sliding hill that is both elongated and secluded from roads. On top of that, there is both a windshield and outdoor grill and the hill is easy to reach by car.

At Prästbordet there’s a small sliding slope just north of the trade area. (ICA Kvantum och Blomsterlandet) There’s also slopes down to the river close to Landsförsamlingsgården that are used by many.

At Morö Backe there are several small hills and slopes spread out around building development, but there’s also a larger slope with lighting suitable for both snow sliding and skiing. The hill is located just north of the riding hall.

At Anderstorp, near the sports ground, there are several hills that are particularly suitable for snow sliding.

All hills and slopes are suitable for small children, but for older children that require more of the hill, we recommend  Erikslid, the one at the riding hall at Morö Backe and the one located at Solbacken. And as always, it is good if an adult is present, especially if the slope is near a road.

Snow Sliding outside Skellefteå

In Boliden, there’s Guldbacken, its located near Sidtjärnsområdet. Here you have access to outdoor grill, windshield and an outhouse.

In Örviken. Here you have access to outdoor grill and windshield.

In Skelleftehamn there’s Kamelryggen, it’s located nearby of the water tower in Skelleftehamn, near the illuminated track between Ursviken and Skelleftehamn. Here you have access to the windshield and outdoor grill.