Escape Room - Houdinis Hideout


Houdini's Hideout - An Escape Room in the middle of Skellefteå

Challenge yourself, friends, colleagues or family members in a thrilling mystery - where your ingenuity to the test. Through collaboration and creative thinking will you solve puzzles, riddles, rebuses and other ingenious devices under time pressure.

Fits perfectly for all types of occasions - Birthdays, family reunions, team building, kick-off, bridal /tail sex and all other types of friends hangings.

You do not need any prior knowledge or specific skills to solve the riddles in our rooms. However, skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking and good collaborative skills are qualities that you can benefit from.

How many people should be in a team?
It is possible to have 3-6 people in our rooms.

How long will it take?
You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery of the room. However, we wish you to come 10-15 minutes before to get an introduction and review of rules.

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Nygatan 42
93131 Skellefteå
Phone: 46-0726017666


Opening hours

Bookings are made via the website

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Bookings are made via Mail.
We have an age limit of 15 years, but if the company has an adult, young people from 12 years and up can participate.


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