Fishing around Burträsk

Burträsk, Skellefteå

The woodlands in Burträsk parish harbour many challenges. Especially in the water. Fishing in Norrland, and particularly around Burträsk, is characterised by its unexplored expanses and minimal competition. Anyone can fish here, no matter the method or fish species, and no one needs to feel crowded. Test your luck fishing in everything from small streams to Västerbotten’s biggest lake – Stora Bygdeträsket. After a bite from a pike, perch, grayling and trout, you can proudly pack up for the day with a smile on your face. New adventures await tomorrow, like the hunt for the rarely seen Norrland zander under the midnight sun.
Come and experience true fishing freedom, whenever the mood strikes.
Contact the Stora Bygdeträsket Fishing Conservation Area for more information.


The Stora Bygdeträsket Fishing Conservation Area comprises 7,000 hectares of water in Burträsk parish’s woodlands.

Typical fish species in the area are pike, perch, grayling and char.

Healthy fish stocks.