Exercise summer and winter
Vitberget offers many well-maintained tracks for exercise regardless of the season. For example, 20 km of continuous electric light trails for nordic cross-country skiing, that during summer are covered with bark which makes them are popular for running and walking. During winter, one of Sweden's most complete and cost-efficient nordic skiing systems provides a wide range of short and long routes. 

Family-friendly obstacle courses
Just by the start of the 3 km track, close to the parking lot, there are two obstacle courses that suit the whole family. The larger obstacle course is about 300 m long with ten different obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty. The course is most suitable for adults and young people from 12 years and up. Just nearby there's a children's obstacle course suitable for those under 12 years.

Outdoor gym
There is also an outdoor gym, just 100 meters north of Boda Borg's parking lot. A perfect alternative for those who want to exercise outdoors. Nearby there is also a fishing pier, toilet, and windbreak with fireplace.

Nature trails and outdoor life
Vitberget offers great opportunities for outdoor life with many nice hiking trails, paths, windbreaks, and fireplaces. If you want to know more, all hiking trails are presented on a separate page

Cycling on Vitberget
Skellefteå Bike Arena is one of Sweden's biggest and newest bike parks, attracting visitors from all around Scandinavia. A modern bicycle park that includes a large pump track, skills loop, dirt track, and three fine MTB loops of varying difficulty with bridges and wooden structures nicely integrated into nature.

But Vitberget, as an MTB area is more than just the Bike Arena. The entire mountain is full of nature trails and tracks available for those who want to challenge themselves and create their own routes and explore the surroundings.