Solvik's folk High School restaurant

93492 KÅGE, Skellefteå

A folk high school with a boarding school for adult participants - teaching is conducted Monday-Friday in various courses, including Music Line, Art Line, General Line, etc.

Solvik has conference rooms and a fine restaurant where a lunch buffet is served Monday - Friday but is also used for weddings, staff parties, etc. At the latter, we prepare the food and serve drinks. It is not possible to rent our restaurant and take food from elsewhere. As we have an alcohol permit, drinks brought with you may not be consumed.

Parts of our boarding school are summertime hostels or rented out to companies. We have 16 rooms with 2-3 beds. The rooms are 22 square meters and each room has its shower and toilet.

We offer a sustainable dining experience
We only use meat from Sweden, and all our fish and seafood are certified with MSC, ASC, and/or KRAV labeling. We replace our disposable items with more sustainable alternatives, and we work to reduce food waste. We primarily use Swedish ingredients and do not purchase organic products that need to be imported. We offer both vegan and vegetarian options.

Contact information

Frostkåge 105
93492 KÅGE
Contact: Wiveca Ögren
Phone: +46-910732004
Mobile: +46-702815414
Booking: +46-910732004

E-mail: wiveca.ogren@solviksfolkhog...

Opening hours

Solvik's restaurant is open for buffet
Monday-Friday 11.00 - 13.00.

Folkhögskolan is staffed from 7 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday.


1.5 miles north of Skellefteå