Opens at 11:00

Svedjan Bakery

Kåge, Skellefteå

In the barn next door to Svedjan Ost, Alfred Hellström runs Svedjan Bakery.

In summer you can have freshly baked buns, eat sourdough sandwiches with the farm's cheese and enjoy the view of the lake with grazing cows. Of course you can also buy cheese and bread at home.


We offer a sustainable dining experience

We use local ingredients and products from Svedjan Bageri and Svedjan Ost together, home-grown salad as long as it lasts. The same goes for juice, depending on the season. Occasional days last year we offered brioches with fresh berries, village blueberries or cloudberries. If our own butter is not enough, we of course use organic butter from Norrmejerier. We do not serve meat, fish or seafood, but if we do in the future it will be local, Swedish and certified. We replace our disposable items with more sustainable alternatives and we work to reduce food waste.We offer both vegan and vegetarian options.

Sustainability for us means that you know and can tell where everything comes from. It must be with knowledge and in interaction with nature.

Contact information

Södra Svedjan 33
934 94 Kåge
Contact: Alfred Hellström


Opening hours

  1. Today11:00-16:00
  2. Friday11:00-16:00
  3. Saturday11:00-16:00
  4. Sunday11:00-16:00
  5. MondayOpen Wednesday to Sunday
  6. TuesdayOpen Wednesday to Sunday
  7. Wednesday11:00-16:00

Summer 2024

June 22nd - August 11th
Wednesday-Sunday kl 11-16


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