Edelvik's Garden

BURTRÄSK, Skellefteå

Built in 1817, Edelvik Manor is home to a unique and inviting garden which is open to all. This is a place where you can really satisfy all the senses! 

There are plenty of exciting things to see for garden lovers – everything from old coniferous and deciduous trees with rich histories to apple trees, vegetable patches and perennials. And for those of you who are interested in sustainable horticulture in northern climes – without the use of toxins – you truly have the chance to see it at work here. 

In the summertime you can also enjoy a light lunch or some sweet treats from the garden café in this wonderful manor house setting. All baked goods are from Edelvik’s own bakery. Also take the opportunity to visit Edelvik’s Garden on the evenings that live music is played on the charming outdoor stage, and try out some local delicacies with a beer or glass of wine.  

And why not stay overnight in the picturesque hotel next to the garden?

Contact information

Skelleftevägen 1
Contact: Lisbeth Nilsson
Phone: +46-914795105

E-mail: tradgard@edelvik.se
Website: www.edelvik.se/tradgard

Opening hours

See our webpage for opening hours.


  • Outdoor seating