Bouldering at Bjärnberget

Burträsk, Skellefteå

There are plenty of hidden gems in the area around Burträsk. Those who have always appreciated the freedom of climbing in nature know that Bjärnberget, just south of Burträsk, is home to world-class rock climbing. If more people knew about the place, the area would certainly attract both advanced climbers and novices since the cliff wall is like a utopia for those who enjoy bouldering. At the same time, the seclusion and the lack of congestion is one of the many reasons Bjärnberget is so deeply cherished. Here at Bjärnberget it’s just you and your desire to push your limits. Over and over again.

Welcome to Burträsk’s hidden gem with world-class climbing.


There are around 40 bouldering problems with difficulty levels 5-7B.

What makes Bjärnberget distinct are the clear, defined lines, the abundance of holds, and steep, firm boulders in various sizes. Landings often require the use of bouldering mats.