Unforgettable views from Kvarnberget

Burträsk, Skellefteå

It’s simply amazing that there is such magnificent natural beauty so near to Burträsk, such as the relatively untouched Kvarnberget nature area. With the last rays of sunlight warming your neck, it’s hard not to enjoy the walk along the outcrops. Catch your breath while leaning on a stone wall that feels as if it was made for your back and revel in the evening sun that makes Burträsket lake glimmer. This is probably the best view in Burträsk and it is a view you will never forget.

As dusk falls, settle down at a barbecue area and enjoy a campfire dinner. A warm, refreshing breeze carries the scents of the late northern summer and you will be lulled to rest by the susurration of the tree canopies above you. You can stay here. A long time.


The disc golf course is open in the summer, while in the winter you can take to the ski slope and snowmobile trail.