URSVIKEN, Skellefteå

One of the summer's most fun-filled entertainment is in Furunäs, just ten minutes outside Skellefteå. There is the Skellefteå karting arena, which is a perfect place to decide who can really perform the family's fastest lap times.

We receive groups from 8 people upwards. Bookings are made via tel 070-6992900.  We will be open from mid-May.

Contact us if you have any questions or reservations

Contact information

Skellefteå Motorsällskap
Motorbacken 1, 93237 Ursviken
Contact: Fredrik Melander
Phone: +46-706992900
Mobile: +46-706992900

E-mail: info@kartway.se
Website: www.kartway.se

Opening hours

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May 1 - September 30

Price information

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Drop in 8 min:

Single ticket 160kr / Person.
Double Go-kart 160kr / Go-kart.

Small Grand Prix 500kr / Person
(At least 8 Pers) Requires booking.

2x Time qual
final Race

Large Grand Prix 600kr / Person
(At least 8 Pers) Requires booking.

2x Time qual
final Race

Le Mans - Long run 1200kr / Go kart

60 Minutes Driving
2-4 Driver / Go-kart

Extra Info

Trophy for Grand Prix winner and
Le Mans, 100 kr.

Heating: 3 laps
Time qualification: 6 laps
Preliminary: 6 laps (With reverse starting order)
Final race: 8 laps


Skellefteå Motorsällskap owns Skellefteå Karting Arena and from this season has leased out the charter business to Kartway in Piteå. the business will have 15 new maps and 2 double maps and will run in the same direction as Skellefteå Motorsällskap.


|Translated by Google translation|
Mobacken 1, 93237 Ursviken