URSVIKEN, Skellefteå

One of the summer's most fun-filled entertainment is in Furunäs, just ten minutes outside Skellefteå. There is the Skellefteå karting arena, which is a perfect place to decide who can really perform the family's fastest lap times.

For opening hours and Drop in see www.kartway.se

Contact us if you have any questions or reservations.

Contact information

Motorbacken 1, 93237 Ursviken
Contact: Fredrik Melander
Phone: +46-706992900
Mobile: +46-706992900

E-mail: info@kartway.se
Website: www.kartway.se

Opening hours


Price information

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Drop in 8 min:

Single ticket 160kr / Person.
Double Go-kart 160kr / Go-kart.

Small Grand Prix 500kr / Person
(At least 8 Pers) Requires booking.

2x Time qual
final Race

Large Grand Prix 600kr / Person
(At least 8 Pers) Requires booking.

2x Time qual
final Race

Le Mans - Long run 1200kr / Go kart

60 Minutes Driving
2-4 Driver / Go-kart

Extra Info

Trophy for Grand Prix winner and
Le Mans, 100 kr.

Heating: 3 laps
Time qualification: 6 laps
Preliminary: 6 laps (With reverse starting order)
Final race: 8 laps


Skellefteå Motorsällskap owns Skellefteå Karting Arena and from this season has leased out the charter business to Kartway in Piteå. the business will have 15 new maps and 2 double maps and will run in the same direction as Skellefteå Motorsällskap.


|Translated by Google translation|
Mobacken 1, 93237 Ursviken