City walk 90 minutes


See the interactive map in Google Maps by following the link below. Start where it suits you for a lovely walk where you get to experience and see, among other things, Nordanå which is Skellefteå's cultural center, here you will find both a museum, a cozy country shop with café operations, and an inn where good meals are served. You will pass the Nordanålekparken and Exploratoriet, which are popular activities for families with smaller children. You will head on to the churchtown Bonnstan and to the Landskyrkan and Lejonströmsbron, which is Sweden's oldest bridge built of wood. 
In the end, you take the river walk back, and maybe you wedge into the Kyrkholmen, where you will find a café business in the summers with really good home-baked coffee at great prices.


Also do not miss the newly built Sara kulturhus which is by the square in central Skellefteå. It is one of the world's tallest wooden houses and there is, among other things, a hotel, café and restaurants. More information is available here


The city walk takes about 90 minutes to walk and is accessibility adapted.

For more information:  Skellefteå Tourist Center