Skellefteå Windbreaks and Outdoor Grilling


A warm cup of coffee, grilled sausage or just a moment to enjoy the outdoors. Around Skellefteå there are windbreaks and barbecue places that you can visit. Here are some tips on barbecue areas and windshields you can visit. To some of these places wood is delivered by the municipality and associations that are available to you who want to light a fire on site. If you want to be on the safe side when you have planned an excursion and want to light a fire, it can be good to bring your own firewood, as we can not guarantee that the firewood will not run out once you get to the place. The places marked on the map are the places where firewood is delivered.

On the map are all windbreaks and rest areas around the entire Skellefteå municipality, the symbols that are marked in green on the map are the places where wood is delivered. The wood is delivered about 1-2 times a week and below is a short description of some of the areas where wood is delivered. 

Sjungande dalen 
Adjacent to the trail for dog walking and the electric light ski trail there is a windbreak. Here you can park directly adjacent to the windbreak and is also close to both walking trails, ski trails and electric light trails depending on the season. For those who want to grill and combine skating, boules, football or tennis, there are two barbecue areas on the Sjungande dalens IP where you can also park directly on site.
At the top of sledge hill by Erikslid, you will find a windbreak that is well visited and an appreciated excursion destination. What could not be better than combining tobogganing with sausage grilling? Further down in the nature area there is another windbreak, but no firewood is delivered there. You can easily get here on foot as the area is quite central.
Along the northeast side of the river, there are several windbreaks to stop at and make a fire, both when you get furthest with Medlefors but also closest to Mobackendammen. You can get here by car, walk or bike. Parking is available both by Mobackenkyrkan for those who want to walk a bit to the windbreaks or down by the river.

Falkträsket, or Falket / Falkan as it is popularly called, is a lake along a mountain south of Sunnanå. Here, next to the bathing area, there is a windbreak located next to the lake. It is a popular place in summer and winter and here you can park in the parking lots that belong to the bathing area.

Vitberget, which is our nature area close to the city, invites to lots of different activities, all times of the year. If you want to visit a windbreak or barbecue area on your visit, there are many options for you. There are several windbreaks adjacent to the slopes and along the hiking and skiing trails. At the pond up on the mountain, there is also an accessibility-adapted windbreak with a dry tie and an adapted jetty during the summer. You can park next to the ski slope, up by the ski tracks, by the pistol shooting range but best of all is that you can walk here from the city center in just a few minutes. 

On the way up to Solbacken there are two windbreaks. One at the bottom of the hill in close proximity to the playground and Norrbacka preschool and one at the top of the hill that you can see from the E4. Here you have the opportunity to combine your stay with tobogganing, playing in the playground, cross-country skiing on Moröhöjden's ski track, running or a walk in Alhem's beautiful nature area. With only a short walking distance, from the windbreak at the top of the hill, through the forest, you come to Alhems graveyard where you can also park the car if you do not want to park in the parking pocket next to the E4.

The Moröbacke district offers a windbreak just north of Skellefteå Ridhus. At Ridhusbacken you can enjoy beautiful nature in an urban environment. About 900 m northeast you will find a windbreak that belongs to Kraftleden, a hiking trail between Skelleftehamn and Skellefteå.

Sidtjärn, which is located in the middle of Boliden, gives you the opportunity to walk around but also to stop and enjoy a while at windbreaks. At each end of Sidtjärn there are two windbreaks and also one just a little bit further away. In addition to the fact that you can walk from Boliden center, you can, for example, park at Bolidengården and then take a short walk to one of the windbreaks.

In Byske you will find three windbreaks along the beach at the sea bath. Here we promise a beautiful sea view both summer and winter. Byske also invites you to walk along the river but also along the beach. You can park in Byske camping's car park and then take a short walk down to the seas and windbreaks.

Just south of Burträsk after the road towards Bygdsiljum, on the western slope of Kvarnberget, a bit up the hill - you will find Mullebo. A windbreak that comes in handy with its nice location. You park best at the old ski lodge 400 m from Bygdsiljumvägen

About 900 meters south of Lövånger is Kyrksjön. A popular outdoor area with many electric light trails, windbreaks and an outdoor toilet. You park best on the east side of the lake by the large rest cottage next to Dahlepilhs road.

IIn the community Jörn there are several windbreaks to visit. Not too far from the football field and the bathhouse, there is a windbreak where firewood is delivered. If you do not get there all the way on foot, you can park next to the bathhouse and then walk or ski there, but please do not go on the ski tracks in winter. Then go towards Syrengatan and the power line and there is a snowmobile track towards the windbreak past the power line towards Mullebo as it is called.

Sunnanå - Lejonströmsbron 
In close proximity to the south side of the Lejonströmsbron, there are two windbreaks, one if you walk along the beach promenade to the east and one to the west. For those who do not want to walk here, you can park next to the bridge. But a tip is to take a walk along the river in connection with your visit, because Lejonström's bridge is a historic place and there is much more to see.


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