Bathing area Byske Havsbad

Byske, Skellefteå

Byske Havsbad, which is located along with Byske camping, is a long fine-grained, and lovely sandy beach that is shallow and well-kept. Along the beach, you will find promenades and barbecue huts, and do not forget to pay a visit to the gazebo on the stone pier when you visit the beach.

On the south side of the stone pier, there is a bathing beach that empties into the Byske River where dogs are welcome to swim. There is a dog toilet next to this and remember that the dog is not allowed to stay on a public beach.

On the beach, there is a 150-meter long bathing jetty that is so stable that it is possible to drive a wheelchair on it. For people with impaired vision, there is a rope along the right edge of the bridge, which makes it easy to orientate.

During the summer, there is a restaurant, café, and kiosk that is open and for those who do not want to swim in the sea, Byske's temperate outdoor swimming pool is close to the beach.


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