Lasertag game


Lasertag is a war game in the outdoor environment, where you battle with 4-10 players in each team. Usually, there are 2 teams but you can run up to 4 teams at the same time.

It's important to meet your opponents before they hit you. There are 3 hit surfaces, one on the weapon and 2 on the head. It is important to hit those areas to get points or to win. You can play different games, but what has been most common in the past is shooting, where the teams that have first pushed out the entire opposing team win. The newest game is that you get points per hit and those who win have the most points. We provide military clothing for the game but bring appropriate shoes for outdoor activities. There is a risk of getting a little dirty. The activity lasts for 2 hours so many different "matches" are usually remembered.

Pre-booking only at least one day before!

Contact information

Vitberget 10

Phone: +46-910701270


Opening hours

Only pre-booking is valid and at least one day before. Call to book and the times that apply are during Boda Borg's regular opening hours.

Price information

The game lasts for 2 hours and it costs 250: - / person