MatTuren - The food tour


Welcome to the Skellefteå food tour known as; MatTuren! On August 16, 11 am to 5 pm, a number of farms in the municipality will open to the public. Here you get an overview of what they’ll be offering and don’t miss the map on the back. Take the chance to go on an all-day outing and take part in a fantastic range of local products such as bread, vegetables, meat, sausages, eggs and much more.

1. A PETTERSSON, HÖKMARK. On the farm, different kinds of cabbage, vegetables and root vegetables are grown on a small scale. Certain sales of, among other things, sausages, beets, leeks and garlic. During MatTuren there will be soup with homemade root fruit bread and coffee/tea with cake for sale. A Composting toilet is available. Hökmark 322, Lövånger | 070-653 33 54

2. BARKBRÖDSBAGERIET I KÅSBÖLE. A bakery which among other things offers it’s fantastic good and useful bark bread, but also light oven bread and gluten-free bark bread. Kåsböle 48, Lövånger | 070-259 15 92

3. BERGMARK GÅRD. KRAV-approved beef breeding of the breed Angus, known for its fine meat quality. The meat sold is chilled and frozen. During MatTuren they sell coffee and grilled Angus burgers, there will also be a quiz, a pedal tractor track and toilet. Vallen 155, Skellefteå | 073-098 57 38 |

4. BERGSÅKERSGÅRDEN. A sheep farm by the sea that runs KRAV-certified lamb breeding and has a charming farm shop which is open all year round, call before visiting. Here you can, among other things, buy lamb meat, sheepskin and woolen blankets. During MatTuren they sell grilled lamb burgers. Toilet available. Lövsele 110, Lövånger | 073-804 92 92 |

5. BURTRÄSK SALUHALL. A co-op with ten members from the Burträsk countryside that as a joint venture sell their many unique products. Here you will find bread, cakes, pastries, jams, honey, smoked products, pork from free-range pigs, lamb, beef and from the meat many refined products such as salami, several kinds of sausages, chives and burgers. Vasabrogatan 3, Burträsk | 072-578 05 39 |

6. ELKE OCH ALFRED MAGES. At Elke and Alfred you can buy products from their garden, homemade pastries and soups. They may also have jams and mushrooms for sale. Bjurön 32, Lövånger |

7. HERMANSSONS BAGERI. A unique country bakery founded in 1951. The bakery is known for its signature cake, the Burvik-cake but they also buns, pistachio buns, coarse cake, butter crusts and lots of other tasty bread and cakes. The farm shop is open on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm all year, and Tuesday–Friday mornings you can buy fresh bread. During MatTuren their summer café is also open where you can buy fresh bread, sandwiches and cakes. Toilets available. Burvik 160, Bureå | 076-131 91 53

8. JÄRVTJÄRNS UTEGRISAR. The farm has small-scale breeding of free-range pigs that are kept outdoors. In the farm shop, you can buy meat, sausages, liver pies and smoked products. During MatTuren, they sell coffee, burgers and grilled sausages with bread. Feel free to greet the pigs or cosy up to the farm’s other animals. Järvtjärn 219, Burträsk | 070-514 05 89 |

9. KÅGEMARKENS KANINGÅRD. The farm has rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks and quail. In the farm shop, they sell frozen rabbit meat, whole and piece details, chicken eggs, quail eggs and more. During MatTuren you can also buy food and coffee. Toilets available. Kågemarken 76, Kåge | 073-655 46 14 |

10. KRÄKÅNGERS EKOGÅRD. Here, organic vegetables, root and tuber vegetables and potatoes are grown. The farm is located near the sea, on the same farm as Bergsåkersgården. During MatTuren, the farm shop is open and it also available to visit all year round if you call beforehand. Toilet available. Lövsele 112, Lövånger | 070-643 74 24 |

11. RENBERGSVATTNETS LANTBRUK. Here, KRAV-certified milk and meat production are conducted in the 9th generation. During summer, the animals graze outside, on land that is otherwise difficult to utilize. In the farm shop, you can buy meat, Burtäskburgers, colostrum (first milk) and ice cream from Glassbonden. Toilet available.
Södra Renbergsvattnet 74, Burträsk | 070-641 40 38 |

12. RENFORS GRÖNSAKER. Here, among other things, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in greenhouses as well as cabbage plants, beets and salads outdoors. In the yard, there are also summer plants and a beekeeper. During MatTuren there is tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetables and honey for sale. The farm shop is open every day May–June from 9 am to 8 pm and July–October from 9 am to 6 pm. Renfors 1, Skellefteå | 0914-401 07 |

13. STRÖMSHOLMS LANTBRUK. The farm’s meat animals and dairy cows roam in free-range pastures during the winter and on along the Bure River in the summer. During MatTuren you can meet the calves and the sheep, buy tenderized as well as and regular meat bits and minced meet in the farm shop, as well as food and coffee. The farm shop is open Wednesdays at 3–6 pm and Saturdays at 1–6 pm. Strömsholmsvägen 40, Bureå | 070-641 42 04

14. ULRICEBERGS GÅRD. On the farm, the sheep live in large, airy stables between grazing seasons. In the farm shop, meat cuts and skins are sold from the farm’s lamb. Lamb boxes with whole, cut and vacuum- packed lamb are available for order. The farm’s well-knowns lamb sausages are available as barbecue sausages and cold cuts. Selet 216, 93294 Lövånger | 070-577 62 59 |

15. VALLBACKA GÅRD. The farm runs KRAV-approved meat production with the Hereford breed. The meat is tenderized, cut and vacuum-packed. During MatTuren you can buy thin bread rolls with smoked beef, fresh potatoes and coffee. The farm shop is open throughout the year but if you wish to visit, call in advance. Toilets available. Uttersjön 6812, Lövånger | 070-274 93 10 |

16. VÄSTERBOTTEN KORV. Here you can find fresh handmade gourmet sausages, burgers, rubs and glazes. The sausages are made the old-fashioned way, from Swedish meat from Västerbotten farms. There are 27 different varieties of sausages and inspiration is taken from all over the world. The farm shop is open all year round. Lövsele 83, Lövånger | 072-558 69 27 |

Opening hours

On August 16, 11 am to 5 pm