Experience cycling around Lövånger

Lövånger, Skellefteå

Around Lövånger you will find six cycle paths of different lengths and many great experiences along the way. Combine the cycling experience with food and accommodation at Lövångergården and Lövånger Kyrkstad.


Seletrundan - ORANGEA TRACK - 7 km
The village of Selet is a historically important village and there are several signs describing its history.
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Munkvikenrundan - BLUE TRACK - 16 km
Here you follow parts of the old medieval road and have nice views of the sea. Do not miss the nice detour to the viewpoint on Tultret.
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Broträskrundan - THE GREEN TRACK - 17 km
If you choose the green trail, you will follow flower-lined roads during the summer. Here you can also make a detour to an ancient monument on Hötjärnsberget.
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Bölerundan - BRUNA SPÅRET - 18km
During this tour, you will find several nice resting places, detours to the sea, and proximity to Gärdefjärden nature reserve.
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Klössandsrundan - RÖDA SPÅRET - 21 km
The trail passes near a couple of nice fishing lakes, a nature reserve, and a nice sea bath.
Here it fits best with a bike with wide tires.
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Blackerundan - Black track - 28 km
Detours out to sea, many nice villages and forest roads you will find on the black trail. Mountain biking is recommended.
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Price information

Lövångergården's prices for bicycle rental

Available during peak season

Half day 5h: 75 kr
Full day from 10 am to 10 am the day after: SEK 120
Weekend price Friday at 10-Sun at 22: SEK 175

Public transportation

For those who want to rent bicycles at Lövångergården, follow the signs to Lövånger church town from the E4