Naturpasset 2023


Wellness for everyone  

The nature pass is a form of exercise orientation, where you walk or run at your own pace when you want, and the controls are outside from May to 1 October.

In 2023, the start will be later due to The 10MILA orientation.

The areas available this year (2023) are:
- Sunnanå, maps, 100 SEK
– Anderstorp, 100 SEK
– Bjuröklubb, 2 maps, SEK 100.
Långviken OK also has 1 cycle pass Långviken-Gummark-Gärdsmark

Sales points
– Skellefteå Orienteringsklubb house at Skellefteå Camping
– Skellefteå Tourist Center
- The pharmacy at Solbacken
– The pharmacy at Coop Forum
- Kronans Droghandel in the center of town
– Apoteket Byske
– The campsite in Skellefteå
– The campsite in Byske


Price: 100 SEK. Only swish payment.